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New things are in the air


What a year. It's been a year of so many changes for so many people. We've been adjusting to the changes in our world while still working our hardest to make a safe space for the women and staff at Dawn House.

We've got some exciting changes too! Greeting you on our website is our beautiful new logo. It's a great representation of who we are and how we feel, especially in our new space. It reflects our loving attitude and commitment to supporting and helping those who need us. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Feel free to share them on our Facebook page now.

On top of that we're looking to bring some new smiling faces into our staff. :)

We haven't done any official hiring at Dawn House for quite some time, but that's another exciting change we can look forward to this year. There are some opportunities available for the right people to join us! More information and how to apply can be found on our Current Opportunities page.

We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on the new logo and getting to meet our great new future staff members in the near future.

Stay safe!

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