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There are so many events, activities and wonderful things going on around us at all times, helping people in need in our communities that we often have no idea about!

Did you know that there's a group of 100+ women that meet 4 times a year, donate $100 each, raising $10,000 each meeting and nominate a charity to be the recipients of the money raised? Who knew, and what a great idea!

What a great idea and a great way to make large donations that help make a difference in the community. The organization is called 100+ Women Who Care Kingston, and if you've not yet heard of them, we really think that will want to check them out.

During the most recent quarterly meeting, only a few nights ago, Dawn House was so incredibly fortunate to be nominated as the recipient of this meeting's donation. For that, we are incredibly thankful. Dawn House receives no ongoing government funding. In order to offer the services we do, we rely heavily on donations like these, donations from individuals, grants and other pockets of funding in order to continue operating in the capacity in which we do.

There are two ways that we plan on using this money:

  • Our Supportive Housing Program needs

  • Client needs, eg: transportation and medical/dental not covered by other plans

The women and staff at Dawn House are again, so very thankful for such and kind and caring community and for all of the help that we receive. Thank you!

Pictured above is Executive Director, Maggie McLaren attending 100+ Women Who Care


Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The Year in Review - 2018

Here are the highlights from the AGM report:

  • KCCU approached us with respect to writing a grant for our kitchen through CONCENTRA’s call for grants. A grant was written, and we were successful in receiving $25,000 towards the construction of our community kitchen.

  • Overall, construction of the kitchen would cost $36,000 plus HST. We applied for a grant from the Sisters of St. Joseph and received a grant for $8,300 to apply towards the cost of the kitchen.

  • In March, we were notified that we had been approved for the Capital Grant of $150,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation that we had applied for in late 2017.

  • In March, Michelle McCaugherty, pitched our Social Enterprise in Toronto in front of a Toronto Social Enterprise Funding Committee and we received $1,000 for having one of three best presentations.

  • Work was well underway by spring on our Social Enterprise, Spread The Love Boutique. A logo was designed and volunteers Dan Rider and Heather Shortall working with a small budget worked on renovating the Boutique space. Most of the building materials were recycled and the three pillars that had been removed during the building demolition were integrated into the design.

  • We re-established our relationships with Queen’s University’s Nursing Program and throughout the year, a number of students completed their mental health community placement with us.

  • St. Lawrence College approached us for student placement opportunities, and we were fortunate to have several very capable students on hand for several semesters.

  • We received a Canada Summer Student Grant and Andrea Wardell worked over the summer organizing onsite programs and community resources.

  • In the summer, a BBQ was donated by Cliff Perry, Premier Stairs and Railings, and a lawnmower was donated by Amherstview Golf and Country Club.

  • A number of community organizations and individuals ran third party fundraising events—Shimmy Mob, The Kingston Belly Dance Collective, The Amherstview Golf Club, St. Paul’s Catholic Women’s League, the Starlight Campaign at Hotel Dieu, Luther Wright and the Holiday Rock Concert.

  • Work started on the exterior of the building beginning with the roof. In October and November, work started on the sidewalks. The final design deviated greatly from what was originally planned, and Marshall’s Landscaping laid patio stones for sidewalks that circumvent the building. Some of the parking lot at the front and rear of the building was removed and replaced with grass.

  • A number of volunteers ran a variety of programs including yoga, sewing, art therapy, and journaling.

  • We received confirmation of our property tax exemption .

What a wonderful and exciting year it was! If you're interested in reading the full report, you an do so by clicking here.

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